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Let our experts find the best possible solar solution for your home's energy needs.  As a Lifetime Achievement Award winner from the EPA, we offer only the best panel and battery selection, at the best prices. 

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Our experts have the experience and dedication needed to deliver the perfect solar solution for your unique needs.

EPA Lifetime Achievement Award

Our team is the proud recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for decades of tireless efforts to accelerate the adoption of clean energy.

Focused On Doing Well By Doing Good

We are proud to work in partnership with Powur Energy, a Public Benefit Corporation, founded with the purpose of measureable positive impact on society. The company mission is to empower all stakeholders to prosper in the shift to a sustainable world.

Solar Battery Backup

We specialize in Enphase, Franklin, Tesla, Generac & more.

35+ years of experience, no other company can match our dedication .

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While having solar panels is a great way to break fear from the grip of utility companies – including the rising cost of electricity – solar battery storage takes it to the next level by filling in the gaps. When your solar panels aren’t producing energy, such as during the night or cloudy days, having a storage of solar energy means you can draw upon that first before having to draw from the grid.

In the long run, solar storage batteries help:

  • Maximize your solar investment
  • Make your entire home solar system much more self-sufficient
  • Provide an added layer of back up in power outages
  • With Time-of-Use rates continue to spike, especially for peak use hours likr the evening when you are home from work, having more control over your energy expenses is crucial.
  • You can give yourself more flexibility and less dependence on the grid and local utility companies that are only concerned with making an extra buck.

If you are interested in learning more about installing a solar battery to improve your energy storage and return on solar, reach out to SolarGuru Energy now. We can explain how SolarGuru Energy is designed to optimize your investment in a solar panel system, as well as your financial return.


SGIP (Self-Generation Incentive Program)

We offer solar and battery storage in 24 states, many of which are excellent markets for battery storage. California is especially lucky, thanks to it’s bountiful Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). The SGIP is a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) program that offers rebates for installing energy storage technology in your home. These storage technologies include battery storage systems that can function in the event of a power outage. Typically the SGIP plus the 30% federal tax credit, covers around 50% of the cost of the battery storage system.

Am I eligible for SGIP rebates?
Any residential customer of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), Southern California Gas Company
(SoCalGas), or San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is eligible for a General Market SGIP rebate of approximately $250/kilowatt-hour, which means the rebate covers approximately 25 percent of the cost of an average energy storage system. In addition to this General Market rebate, there are
two additional categories of higher SGIP rebates for residential customers: Equity and Equity Resiliency

What are the benefits of  energy storage for your home?
• If you already have solar panels on your roof, you can store excess solar energy and use it when the sun is not out.
• Even if you do not have solar panels, this technology allows you to store energy from the electric grid and utilize that power in the event
of a power outage. Depending on the battery and how much you are using it, this could last several hours, or longer.
• Battery storage can be an important component of a more robust emergency preparedness plan in the event of a power outage.

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Thinking of DIY Solar? Some Things to Consider

Getting City Approval for Solar

After you’ve gone through the steps of having your solar installation designed, it’s time for approvals. If you’re a SolarGuru Energy customer, our staff takes care of the approval process so you don’t have to. Once you as the homeowner have approved your solar installation plans, we will submit said plans and the necessary permits to the Authority Having Jurisdiction or AHJ for short. Every city has different requirements for receiving approval for a solar panel installation. Some cities require complicated structural engineering reports, while some require a stamped letter of approval from your HOA before they begin the permitting process. Depending on where you live, this step can take two to three weeks.

Getting Utility Approval for Solar

The first step in getting permission to operate your solar power system is filling out a long Net Energy Metering application. During this process, utilities ask for a lot of detailed information, which is another reason going solar with SolarGuru Energy is helpful because, we know how to speak the utility’s language and how to answer all of their highly technical questions. We take care of this process so you don’t have to worry about the headache. After your solar panel installation has been inspected by the city and your utility and is approved, you will then be issued permission to operate from your utility and you can begin using your solar system to generate power for your home.

Solar Installation Options

Roof Mount

Solar Roof mounts are the more traditional mounting of solar panels, especially when it comes to installing solar panels where yard space can be pretty limited. The solar panels will be aligned south-facing as much as possible to capture maximum sunlight. When possible, the conduit will run through the attic to your electrical panel.

Ground Mount

Solar For homeowners with plenty of property but limited roof space or poor roof orientation, a ground-mounted solar energy system may be the best choice. Our ground mounts are just like our roof mounts except of course they’re on the ground not on a roof! Systems are designed so that your solar panel installation is pitched perfectly to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Trenching for the conduit running from the system’s inverter(s) to the electrical panel is typically required.

Choose SolarGuru Energy

A solar installation with SolarGuru takes four easy steps — consultation, design and engineering, installation, and operation.  Thanks to our expansive network of the best installers in San Diego, you can trust your installation is in good hands. One of our solar energy consultants will meet with you to discuss your family’s current and future energy needs, the cost of a solar panel installation, our financing options as well as answer any questions you might have about going solar.


Be InformeD

A certified SolarGuru Energy Advisor will consult with you to learn your specific needs, then recommend the best solar options for your system.

See The DifferencE

Our industry leading design team will analyze your roof, shading, and electric usage to provide a custom $0 down saving quote for your home.

Get Real Savings

Analyze our simple, no-hassle proposal and see how much money you can save both immediately and long-term by switching to solar energy, for zero out of pocket cost. 

Stories From The Community


The main reason we chose to go solar was to do our part in helping making the planet a little cleaner by reducing carbon emissions while also lowering our utility bills monthly! SolarGuru Energy installed a great system on our home in Texas and we are saving a ton with solar. Thanks guys!

Our consultant went above and beyond and our installers were awesome. You could not ask for a more professional group of men. Hello clean energy, good-bye fossil fuel. Thanks so much Miguel and the crew at SolarGuru!


Being on a retirement income, we wanted to save money any way we could so last year we installed 18 solar panels on our rooftop. It looks absolutely great, we’ll save $42,000 over 20 years, and it was the right thing to do for the environment.

My wife and I can’t be more pleased. From the original meeting, Miguel explained it all, worked up the quote and was available for all of our questions. All the other SolarGuru Energy employees that we dealt with were great too.

We had a wonderful experience with the crew at SolarGuru Energy. They were true professionals on every level. The family history they have with solar innovation and the availability of their staff whenever we had a question was a huge deal for us. So happy we went with them.

The price was the best we found in the area, but even if their cost had been a bit higher, they won out on their sheer passion and honesty about solar energy. It really was five stars for us having SolarGuru Energy do our solar installation.

My energy bill before installing solar was $267.97. My new energy bill is $121.51. I love that I’m saving money and helping the planet. If you want the best solar install companies, call these folks now and ask for Miguel!

We put 18 solar panels on our roof in and we’re saving about $130 per month, which will equate to over $39,000 in savings over the life of the system. We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. The crew at SolarGuru Energy made it so easy.

My mom just received her first solar bill and she is so happy. Her utility bill used to be $220 a month on dirty energy, now it’s $114 on clean energy… and it cost her absolutely NOTHING, ZERO DOWN to get it installed on her home. Thanks SolarGuru!

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