SolarGuru Energy is proud to offer solar panels, battery backup and roofing in 25 states (plus the District Of Columbia) thanks to our world class partnerships with the top solar installers and general contractors in the industry. We leverage our decades of experience to bring you big company prices with family business service. Come experience the SolarGuru Energy difference. 

Please find our installation partner license information below.



State Contractor Licenses
STATE               LICENSE                 LICENSE #
California Electrical Contractor #1048921
Colorado Master Electrician ME.0601399
Colorado Electrical Contractor EC.0101589
Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor HIC.0653142
Arizona Business License #23017088
Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board EC13009095
Florida Certified Solar Contractor CVC57022
Georgia Electrical Contractor EN009061
Illinois Distributed Generation 18-1181
Illinois General Contractor TGC109760
Massachusetts Construction Supervisor CS-111661
Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor 188411
Maryland Home Improvement Contractor 97312
Maryland Master Electrician – Qualified Agent 14196
Maryland Home Improvement Contractor 137587
Maryland Home Improvement Salesman 118574
Maryland Master Electrician – Qualified Agent 13002
Minnesota General Contractor BC769998
North Carolina General Contractor 80175
New Jersey Master Electrician 34EB01855200
New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor 13VH09325500
Nevada Electrical Contractor 85401
Pennsylvania Electrical 2019075478-6
Pennsylvania Electrician 53766
Pennsylvania Master Electrician ME19-000013
Pennsylvania Electrical EL-2019-000582
Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor PA145247
Pennsylvania Electrician ICNON141942
Rhode Island Residential Contractor 41375
South Carolina Electrical Contractor 115341
South Carolina General Contractor 122420
Texas Master Electrician 477031
Texas Electrical Contractor 34752
Virginia Master Electrician 2710072624
Virginia Class A Electrical Contractor 2705175292
Wisconsin Electrical Contractor 1506927
USA NABCEP PVIP PV-102216-015275

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