What Makes SolarGuru Energy Special?

Among Solar Companies In South Carolina, Our Brand Is Synonymous With Trust.

EPA Lifetime Achievement Award

SolarGuru Energy is the proud recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for decades of tireless efforts to accelerate the adoption of clean energy.

Our Story = Family

 SolarGuru Energy PBC is a vision that is 35 years in the making, ever since childhood best friends Ashok and Miguel started building solar cookers and rigging up PV panels with Ashok’s dad, Dr. Sajed Kamal, a renowned international solar energy expert and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Lifetime Achievement Award winner. As Miguel and Ashok grew into dynamic and successful entrepreneurs, they reconvened with Sajed to form SolarGuru Energy LLC…and the rest is history in the making!

We Believe In Doing Well, By Doing Good

We are proud to work in partnership with Powur PBC, a Public Benefit Corporation, thereby having a legal obligation to make a measurable positive impact on society. 


We Are Proud To Be The #1 Sales Team At The Fastest Residential Solar Company In The USA.
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The Powur PBC Leaderboards Say It All!

The #1 Solar Sales Person

Miguel Hart – #1 Solar Sales Person At Powur PBC, Fastest Growing Solar Company In The USA


The #1 Solar  Recruiter

Charles Thompson – #1 Solar Sales Recruiter In The History Of Powur PBC.


We Are Looking For Exceptional People To Join Our Team.


Of Solar Consultants Should Be Making More $ On Each Deal. Let's Fix That TODAY!

Solar Sales Jobs

Solar Is THE Future Of Energy. Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Solar Sales Career!

Become A Solar Dealer

Make Your Own Schedule, Control Your Own Compensation.

Local Instalers

Our Install Teams Share In The Revenue, Ensuring Prompt And Professional Service.

We Are #1 Because People Trust Us.

Our Reputation Is Second To None, We Never Stop Supporting Our Clients and Team members.
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Our Reputation = Higher Close Rates

Stories From The Community


The main reason we chose to go solar was to do our part in helping making the planet a little cleaner by reducing carbon emissions while also lowering our utility bills monthly! SolarGuru Energy and Powur installed a great system on our home and we are saving a ton with solar.

Our consultant went above and beyond and our installers were awesome. You could not ask for a more professional group of men. Hello clean energy, good-bye fossil fuel. Thanks so much Miguel and the crew at SolarGuru!


It looks absolutely great, and we’ll save $120,000 over 25 years, and it was the right thing to do for the environment. SolarGuru and Powur did an amazing job from start to finish. Thanks for everything folks.

My wife and I can’t be more pleased. From the original meeting, Miguel explained it all, worked up the quote and was available for all of our questions. All the other SolarGuru Energy employees that we dealt with were great too. We are very happy.

We had a wonderful experience with the crew at SolarGuru Energy. They were true professionals on every level. The family history they have with solar innovation and the availability of their staff whenever we had a question was a huge deal for us. So happy we went with them.

The price was the best we found in our area, but even if their cost had been a bit higher, they won out on their sheer passion and honesty about solar energy. It really was five stars for us having SolarGuru Energy do our solar installation.


We Are Proud To Be Helping Thousands Of Consultants Make Industry Leading Commissions AND Passive Income, Enabling Them To Gain Financial And Personal Freedom.
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What Is YOUR Redline?

If Your Red Line Is More Than $2/watt, Learn How Our Organization Is Changing The Game.

Dealer FAQs

What's the Red Line for a salesperson or dealer?

Our partnerships revenue plan operatse on a Cost Of Goods model, which means it almost always has the solar industry’s lowest prices. Customers can choose from high-end or budget-friendly modules, batteries, and inverters, apply for local and federal solar incentives, and choose from a wide array of financing options. Most importantly, they’ll get top-notch guidance, care, and service from every solar professional working on their project.

How do commissions compare with other companies?

Our partner, Powur PBC is the Inc Magazine #43 Fastest Growing Company in the World for 2022. This is due entirely to the huge amount of industry veterans and sales superstars from other disciplines joining the SolarGuru Energy Enterprise Team at Powur PBC. We are offering more freedom, more leads, more commission. More for YOU!!

What is the best solar company to work for?

Your own company, with the support of a national company to take on all the hard parts like: procurement, permits, installation, inspection, payroll, etc. How do you get this arrangement? You contact us today!

Do I need a license to sell solar panels?

Solar panels and equipment do not require a license to sell, except for in CA and CT. Those two states require that you acquire a Home Improvement Salesperson license. We can help with this. All other states do not require a license to sell solar and it’s related accessories.

How do I choose the right partner for my self and/or my company?

Follow these steps when choosing your solar partner:

  • Create a List of The Top Option.
  • Consider the Benefits and Drawbacks Of Each Option
  • Verify the Company’s Warranty Information.
  • Go over the 3rd party reviews of each company.
  • Ask a handful of experienced solar consultant for a recommendation.
  • Contact us today for more info: (833) 383-GURU

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