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SolarGuru Energy is consistenly ranked one the San Diego’s best solar companies. Contact us today!

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Let’s save the planet and our money for the future. Because it’s their future. Contact us today!

Susan “Sully” Sullivan – Solar Consultant/Realtor

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A certified SolarGuru Energy Advisor will consult with you to learn your specific needs, then recommend the best solar options for your system.

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Our industry leading design team will analyze your roof, shading, and electric usage to provide a custom $0 down saving quote for your home.

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Analyze our simple, no-hassle proposal and see how much money you can save both immediately and long-term by switching to solar energy, for zero out of pocket cost. 

Solar Panels + Battery Backup

Panels: REC Alpha, SunPower, Hanwa QCells, Longi Solar, Canadian Solar and more. Batteries: Enphase, SolarEdge, Franklin WH, LG Chem, Tesla, Generac & more.

35+ years of experience, no other company can match our dedication .

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About Us

SolarGuru Energy has over 50 years of combined solar education, solar installation and electrical engineering experience. Our co-founder has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Environmental Protection Agency.

We are devoted to working with homeowners, company owners, and building owners to design a system that is personalized to their specific needs and to installing highly efficient solar systems that provide the best return to our clients.

We use the finest quality and highest-rated components available on the market, as well as a proven approach for system design using industry-leading design and forecasting software.

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