Village Park Two: SOLAR FAQs

Q: Do the Village Park HOAs allow solar? 

A: Yes. If you look around the area you will see solar on all different models of units. The approval process is easy and hassle-free.

Q: How do I get HOA approval to install solar?

A: Have an actual design completed for your solar system and submit it along with an HOA form called “Exhibit A: Request For Architectural Improvement”. No need to search for the form, we have it ready for you HERE.

Q: I was told in the past that I didn’t qualify. Will I ever be able to get solar?

A: Absolutely, you can likely qualify right now. The three factors which have changed the landscape are: lower costs for solar energy (solar officially became the cheapest form of energy in the US in 2020); improved efficiency in solar equipment; and ever-rising energy costs from SDG&E. 

Q: How much can I save by installing solar?

A: The amount you will save depends on a few factors, including: your current electrical charges; and your roof’s solar exposure. Electrical bills in Village Park average around $250/month. Typically we can cut your monthly payment by 30%-60%, and save you between $55,000-$110,000 over the next 20 years.

Q: What will my up-front costs be for solar?

A: We are currently offering $0 down, 1.49% financing on solar installations, which means you will have no up-front costs. You will just start saving money on your monthly bill once the installation is complete.

Q: How Do I Get An Accurate Design Proposal?

A: We can assess your home’s solar production potential remotely and produce a detailed design proposal which can be submitted alongside your “Request For Architectural Improvement” form.

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